About Kit’s Kitchen

WELCOME to Kit’s Kitchen where I showcase tempting recipes for food and drink, along with helpful tips and hints concerning cookery and the kitchen itself.

These are recipes that work for me.  Over the years, with a very fussy husband to feed I’ve had to adapt many recipes to suit and along the way gained a vast amount of knowledge re food and drink, so I hope you will find something useful here and enjoy what’s on offer. There’s always a warm welcome in my kitchen.

Kit’s Kitchen is a garlic free zone. Not because I don’t like garlic – I do, I love it! But my husband has a severe aversion to the sight, taste and smell of it so I avoid using where possible. If you want to add garlic to any given recipe, feel free: it’s your choice, your food, so you enjoy it.

In all recipes calling for sugar, this can be substituted with a sugar alternative. I regularly use this, sometimes in full, sometimes half and half. It’s a matter of trial and error and lifestyle choice.

I’m also addicted to food programmes with the exceptions of those silly “Come Dine with Me” or “Masterchef” type ones. I want to learn about cooking,  not see people make fools of themselves and with food. The only fools I like are gooseberry, rhubarb, and strawberry (although I’m not supposed to eat strawberries!). My favourite all-time chef is James Martin, but others include Rick Stein, Gary Rhodes, Nigel Slater, Rachel Allan, and Delia Smith.

Please note:

Kit’s Kitchen is currently under reconstruction but please feel free to look around, try the recipes, enjoy the images, join in the conversations and share your thoughts or questions. I will try my best to answer them or point you to someone else who can.


Come back soon for lots of recipes, hints and foodie tips.





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